Remove old Kernel

Hi folks,

This is a problem that I face almost every month and every time I forget how to do it and lose some time googling it: “How to remove old linux kernel”

In 4 easy steps:

1) Become sudo

sudo su

2) Show my current kernel:

uname -r

3) List installed kernels:

ls /boot | grep vmlinuz | cut -d'-' -f2,3

Once you choose the kernel you want to remove

4) Remove kernel and its compounds:

for kernel_nro in `dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep <nro_kernel_to_remove> | awk -F' ' '{ print $2 }'`; do apt-get remove -y $kernel_nro; done;

Expand HD size in Virtual Box


Today I had solved a very common problem and I want to share with folks: “How to EASILY expand the HD size from my Win7 in a VirtualBox”.

IMPORTANT 1: Close the running VM!!

IMPORTANT 2: Backup the HD imagem before starting:

tar -cvzf <bkp_name>.tar.gz <hd_name>.vdi

Resizing the HD in 4 steps:

1) In the linux terminal run:

VBoxManage modifyhd <hd_name>.vdi --resize <size_in_MB>

2) Start the windows and go: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. With the right button over the Disk 0 image, click to “Convert to Dynamic Disk” (IMPORTANT: See Note).

3) Reboot the windows

4) Once again go to: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. Right click over the C: partition, click on “Extand volume…” and do the windows process (OK, OK, OK…)

If you convert the HD to the same size or a smaller size it probabily will crash your HD, so you must resize the HD to one at least 5 or 10 Gb bigger.

Thanks to my friend Marcelo Gomes, who gave me the tips: Marcelo’s Blog (Blog in portugueses).


Fixing empathy bug: Gtalk contact doesn’t appear


Today I had a problem with my messenger client the Empathy 2.30 on my ubuntu 10.04, I use it for (MSN, Gtalk and Facebook chat), it stopped to show my online GTALK contacts; MSN and Facebook chat were still OK. After some hours trying to find a solution, I got one:

The problem:

- A bug in the Telepathy package that made the Empathy client doesn’t show the online gtalk contacts, this bug is not yet fixed in the official repositories.

The solution:

- Add the pseudo-oficial Telepathy PPA (Personal Package Archives) that already have the bug fixed

How to do it:
- Close empathy

- Add the PPA to your repository list:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:telepathy/ppa

- Update the Package Index:

sudo apt-get update

Upgrade System Packages: 

sudo apt-get upgrade


If you done everything right you should start to see the contacts now