Install Windows 7 from a pen-drive

Hi folks,


Some weeks ago I needed to install a Windows 7 in a machine but I didn’t want to burn a DVD only for this, so I decided to search a way to do it using a pen-drive and I found, it is also very usefull in hardwares with no optical drive like Ultrabooks. Here is the way:

- A pen-drive with at least 4Gb
- An windows installation (May be a ISO image file, but in this case you must use the PowerISO in step 3 to extract files to copy them to the pen-drive once copy the whole image wont work)


First step: Format the pen-drive to NTFS file system and make it bootable
There is lots of ways to do it:
- In Windows you can use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
- In Linux I suggest the Gparted

Remember to check the option to make the device bootable


Second step: Create a boot area

- Open the Windows terminal (type cmd in start menu and execute the cmd.exe)

- Execute the command

bootbootsect /nt60 <USB_device_letter>:


Where USB_device_letter is the name of the USB pen drive device (usually D but here in our case is J), dont forget the :


If everything goes right, you should see a message like this:

Step three: Copy Windows files to pen-drive

Simple copy the files from DVD to pen-drive (If you are using a image file, like I said earlier you must use the PowerISO to extract the files to a temporary directory and then move it to the pen-drive.

Now it is done and ready to install, the only thing you still may to do is to change the boot sequence (change BIOS configuration to first search from USB drive prior the Hard Disk, usually use F2 or ESC to access BIOS while machine is booting.


That’s it folks, hope it helps someone.



Install Lexmark E210 printer on Windows 7

Today I faced my lab printer old problem: “How to install this old printer model on Windows”

The problem:

– This old printer model does not have the native driver in the Windows 7/Windows Vista and in the lexmark website just have the driver until windowsXP (32-bits), Lexmark E210 website.

The solution:

– Trick the windows and use the SAMSUNG ML-1210 driver. I read that these printers have the same hardware beneath the plastic.

How to do it:

– In the add printer option simply choose the SAMSUNG ML-1200 Series driver, this driver is native in Windows 7 but I am not sure about other Windows versions.

– If you could not find the driver, just go to Samsung USA website, click on “Driver” and download the correct driver for your windows version and proceed to the trick part.

Thats it folks