How to create Favicons

HI folks,


Today I had to create a favicon to use in a website that I was developing. The problem was that any of the tutorial that I was using was not really good, so I have founded a simple solution by my own.

In two simple steps:


1) Use the Inkscape to make the draw:

  • Use a 16 X 16 pixels a template (A good hint is to use a┬átransparent background)
  • Export and save it as .png

Remember that favicon as very small and you will need a very simple and informative image.


2) Use the imagemagick to convert .png in .ico


If you need to install the program (probably you already have it installed if you use Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install imagemagick


To run the convertion, just use:

convert <image_name>.png <icon_name>.ico


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