Using SSH for access a webpage with a different IP

Hi folks,


Today I had the a problem for downloading a article from a academic magazine. Usually this websites uses your IP to allow/deny the restrict area use, the problem is that I am at home and don’t want to go to work just to download it.


You can discover the IP that you are using here


Here is my IP WITHOUT proxy:



The solution:

Use the SSH for access the webpage with my Work’s IP


How to do it?

On terminal:

ssh -p <ssh_port> -D <port_to_proxy_on_localhost> <user>@<ip_to_use>

Here is a axample:

ssh -p 22 -D 8080 my_user@143.107.223.XXX


On browser (firefox) go to (you can also do it in chrome or by Ubuntu proxy settings):
Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings

and than setup “Manual Proxy Configuration” and set SOCKS HOST like and PORT like the port you choosed (in this this case 8080), then click OK


Here is my IP WITH proxy

Now you can surf in the web using the Work’s IP and get the same permissions from websites as if you where there.

That’s it folks. Hope you enjoy