Android not to index multimedia files/directory

Hi folks


Today I had the problem with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy – Android), I want some files in a specific folder to not be indexed in the albuns and players.

The solution I found is very simple:

  1. Create a file named .nomedia in the folder you want to not be indexed (observe the dot)
  2. Reboot the cell phone


This is very simple but how to create a file is not that simple once you dont have the root access (if you want to use the terminal in phone), however you can workaround this problem:

  1. Create the file in the PC (in linux: touch .nomedia)
  2. Connect the cellphone to the PC via Kies air or USB cable
  3. Move/Copy the file from PC to the folder you want to not be indexed
  4. Reboot the phone


IMPORTANT NOTE (nomedia bug): I recommend you to create the .nomedia file PRIOR to files input because when I created AFTER did not work and the files still was indexed in the gallery.

Observation: This procedure will make the files to not be indexed in the multimedia (albuns and players) softwares but will not to hide the files, this files will be available by fold manager


Thats it