How to set up span filter in wordpress comments blog



Some time ago I was very angry with the tons of span messages in my blog that I receveid almost every day with stupid links, I almost give up to have a blog.


Fortunately I googled it and find here a way to filter this stupid comments. The solution was the software A-KIS-MET:

Its not too simple to active this plugins (like just add and active the plugin) but I am sure it worth it.


How to active it:

  1. Go to your blog dashboard and Plugins > Add New, search for AKISMET and install it.
  2. Now active it, you should see a message like this: “Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your API key for it to work. ”
  3. AKISMET is not a free software, so you must buy a license to use it. Fortunately there is a way to workaround this little problem if you have an account in (If you dont, is a good time to create it, you can do it here) so go here, fill with your e-mail and you should receive a email with the API Key in some seconds.
  4. Fill the Key in the form. Now your blog is not going to receive more stupid spans.

HINT: In the options section of KISMET check the box “Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.” and then click on the buttom “Update Options”.


Thats it folks